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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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those top stories in just a moment.bob herzog has the morning off.but first we want to start with a first check of your's
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3 3 3 we're tracking a local breaking news alert out of glendale.that's where a car
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road around 4 a.m. after being involved in a police pursuit. you are looking at a live picture. there were two people in that car -- at least one person was taken to the hospital by ambulance.right now, duke energy is on the scene. the area has gas lights and there is a gas leak.we'll will stay on top of this throughout the morning on local 12 and local 12 dot com. 3 two men charged with killing a saint bernard man in his home last year will appear in court this morning..they're expected to make a plea deal.. after they were charged with aggravated murder..local 12's adam clements joins us *live* at the hamilton county courthouse to catch you up on the details. 3 sheila.. mario lewis and james kirby were inside the home of 73 year old carl engel.. it was supposed to be a burglary.. until carl came home while it was happening.. what unfolded next.. is why we're here today.. investigators say lewis and kirby bludgeoned engel to
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of the team.. chasidy brewer.. acted as the lookout..a short time later.. police found burning clothes at nearby saint mary's cemetary.. they were able to match the blood found on those clothes to carl engel..lewis.. kirby.. and brewer.. were all charged with aggravated robbery.. and aggravated murder.. 3 now.. mario lewis and james kirby are expected to make plea deals today.. that's what we've been told.. chasidy brewer will not appear today.. no word on when she'll appear.. reporting live at the hamilton county courthouse.. adam clements.. local 12 news. 3 that hearing is set for ten this morning.. we'lll be inside of the courtroom and we'll bring you the latest on local 12 and local 12 dot com.. 3 it's been nearly three weeks since an east price hill mother has seen her son. police have put out a critical
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richards junior... but so far he has not been found. terry says her son suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. she fears he's been off his medication since he moved out of her home and into his own apartment in east price hill a month ago. 3 34.52-03"well i go to his apartment every day to check and see if he has been into his apartment. no he hasn't been into his apartment 58 i went to go clean up a couple of days ago and i noticed his mediation was there."terry says she's heard her son has been spotted near the downtown library. if you have seen darron richards junior or know where he is... you are asked to call cincinnati police at 513-263-8333. 3 indiana's governor is calling for state flags to fly at half- staff to honor a sheriff's deputy, killed in the line of duty.howard county deputy carl koontz was shot to death early yesterday at a mobile home in russiaville, about an hour north of indianapolis.a second deputy was also shot.. and he's in stable condition this morning. the sheriff says the deputies
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serving warrants at the home.. and a gunfight followed. the suspect was later found dead in the home.deputy koontz leaves behind a wife and an infant son. 3 a couple of starbucks customers in california are suing the coffee chain because lattes aren't measuring up. robert king claims it's a chronic problem at starbucks. ask for two shots of espresso and he claims you only get one and a half.he's not the only one complaining. a san francisco woman and a southern california man have levelled a lawsuit against the coffee giant claiming starbucks lattes are 25 percent 3 robert king/starbucks customer: (:08) i want starbucks to admit they're shorting their customers and about it. (:14)mark silverman/starbucks customer (:40) you multiply it over and if in fact it's valid, then it has to be stopped. (:50)the suit claims baristas top lattes off with foam and leave a quarter inch of space at the brim to save money on milk.starbucks says the claims
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a customer is unhappy with a purchase.. they are happy to 3 a new survey from wallet hub finds scottsdale, arizona is the best city in the country for single mothers to raise a family. the survey considered several factors in its ranking - including cost of living and job opportunities for single moms. madison, wisconsin came in second. cincinnati ranked 25th on the list of 150 cities. 3 xavier.. cincinnati.. kentucky. they're all out of the tournament.but indiana is still going strong.first up.. it's a close one!the bearcats fall to saint joe's by just one joe's moves on 78 to 76.and now cincinnati fans are wondering if u- c will lose its coach too.there is a report that unlv has targeted mick cronin for its vacant head coaching position. now on to xavier. thanks to bronson koenig's fallaway three- pointer from the right corner at the buzzer it will be wisconsin moving on with a 66 to 63 final. 3 (:00) j.p. macura/xavier guard
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because remy and james are always working hard. umm, putting time in the gym, encouraging players, instilling confindence in each other. i'm just really going to miss them both a lot.trevon bluiett/xavier forward "i'm just really frustrated because we had goals. you know, and it just happened to end early so i'm obviously really frustrated."(:21)now on to kentucky and indiana.the champions of the sec conference and the big ten didn't disappoint.the two were tied at fifty with eight minutes to play.. but the hoosiers found their strength against the cats.. moving on with a 73 to 67 final. 3 a big announcement on the donut trail.we'll tell you about a big surprise being planned for this week. showcasing local talent.hear from local employees who are showing off their skills for
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3 employees from local companies are putting their song bird skills to the test."isn't she lovely... isn't she wonderful." 3 chior groups belted it out for the cincy sings semi-final competition yesterday at the aronoff center.some of the teams moving on are : cincinnati insurance, duke energy, p & g, 5th 3rd and cincinnati children's hospital. the final competition is april
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local 12 dot com. 3 ohio's only donut trail is rapidly approaching its one thousandth finisher. the butler county donut trail highlights nine small, locally- owned donut shops. so far.. more than 950 visitors from twelve states have taken the challenge and completed all nine stops. if you complete the trail and collect all nine passport codes earn a free t- shirt. the 1000th visitor gets a 3 surprise gift. 3 idaho, arizona, and utah are preparing for primary contests. we'll bring you an update on campaign 2016, up, going for gold.we'll introduce you to a teenager who isn't letting anything come in between her and her olympic-
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3 3 police in pennsylvania say a retired state trooper is the suspect in an armed toll booth robbery.they say 26- year- veteran clarence briggs was killed in a shootout with state police after a robbery. briggs first shot and killed a toll booth worker and a security guard on the pennsylvania turnpike.he then drove away in a fare collection van... but state police caught up with him while he was unloading the money into his car.officials say he was struck in an exchange of gunfire with an officer. 3 it seems like the wild west on the campaign trail.. andthat's where tomorrow's primaries will be.voters will head to the polls in arizona and utah. democrats also have a caucus in idaho. for republicans, the big prize is arizona.. with 58 delegates at stake.. winner take
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conversation. donald trump is hoping his hard line on immigration will resonate with voters.on the flip side.. hillary clinton is running an ad in arizona.. where she comforts a young girl worried about deportation. 3 (:12) donald trump/(r) presidential candidate "illegal immigration is gonna stop, it's dangerous, it's terrible." (:17)(:21) i'm scared for them because they have the deportation. (:24) (:34) hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate "i'll do the worrying. i'll do everything i can to help. ok?" (:36)bernie sanders says he's also sensitive to the plight of immigrants.for republicans, senator ted cruz and governor john kasich.. are doubling down on their attacks.. saying one of them should lead the attack to deny trump the nomination.. and the other should drop out. 3 kasich says it won't be him. during an interview on a sunday morning talk show.. kasich said under no circumstances will he be rival ted cruz's running mate. earlier last week, he ruled out joining a ticket with front- runner donald trump. kasich says he's not going to be anybody's running mate.. and added that he is running
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cruz and kasich split the vote.. the man they hope to beat, could benefit the most. 3 not all the stories we hear about syrian refugees have a silver lining.but one could end in gold.(yusra mardini- syrian refugee athlete)(1:10) "in the water there is no difference if you are a refugee or syrian or a german." (1:18)a 17- year- old swimmer from syria -- once a refugee -- is now an olympic hopeful. just seven months ago -- yusra mardini fled the civil war in her home country and it now living in berlin. now she's going to school and swimming at a pool near her refugee center.she's determined to make it to the olympics this summer.she represented syria at the swimming world championships in 2012.mardini hopes to qualify for rio as a refugee
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3 3 3
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3 one step closer to reality. we'll show you why the "sky slide" is trending this, topping the weekend box office.we'll tell you which film is claiming the
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3 "zootopia" is claiming the top spot at the box office for a third straight weekend.the animated comedy has raked in more than 38- million dollars since is followed by the third installment of "the divergent series" -- "allegiant."the sci- fi thriller made about 29- million dollars in its opening weekend.that's much lower than its two predecessors.another newcomer, "miracles from heaven", is third.the christian drama with jennifer garner and queen latifah brought in 15- million dollars in revenue. 3 if you love heights.. this one is for you.the sky slide is trending again this morning.we first showed you the new attraction a couple weeks ago on good morning cincinnati... and now the concept is becoming a reality.the sky slide was lifted over los angeles over the weekend and is being set up on the 69th
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skyscraper.a massive helicopter dangled the clear glass slide over the streets below before it was placed near the top of the tower. the attraction will open up in june. 3 big changes are coming to a- t- m's.coming up at five thirty.. we'll tell you why you could soon throw out your bank card. 3 local 12 is tackling the issue of childhood poverty in our communities.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's perry schaible will update us on our
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3 3 now at five thirty.local 12 investigates childhood poverty. coming up, i'll tell you about our town hall discussion and how you can particpate. 3 plus, is this the end of spring break?we'll tell you why some communities are being forced to ban alcohol. 3 plus, making cash withdrawals easier and safer.we'll tell you how smartphones could replace your bank card. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your here's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 we're tracking a local breaking news alert out of glendale.right now, duke energy is cleaning up a mess after a car slammed into a pole on sharon road around 4 a.m. you are looking at a live picture.that car was involved in a police pursuit - two people were inside. both were taken to the hospital with injuries.the area has gas
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gas leak.we'll will stay on top of this throughout the morning on local 12 and local 12 dot com. 3 new this morning..police are investigating a social media post that threatens violence against local schools.the facebook post in question threatens to bomb mount healthy.. colerain.. and walnut hills schools among others.the post also alleges violence to quote "every other school in the cincinnati area within a 50 mile radius." police tell us.. a 15- year- old boy was arrested in colelge hill in connection to the post. 3 also new this morning.. one man is dead after a crash on a local happened on the combs- hehl bridge, near kellogg avenue.the crash happened shortly before ten last driver was taken to uc hospital in serious condition.the 41- year- old man who died in the crash has not yet been identified.police say speed and 3 impairment are factors in the crash. 3 local 12 continues to
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in the queen city. tonight, we host a public town hall at the national underground freedom center to discuss the topic. local 12's perry schaible joins us *live* in the newsroom with the details. 3 cincinnati is one of the worst cities in the country for childhood poverty. tonight, that will be the main topic of discussion among panelists familiar with the issue. the discussion will be broadcast on local 12 and local 12 dot com from seven to eight.prior to that, i'll introduce you to one woman who has overcome poverty. debbie bowman grew up with her mother and siblings in northern kentucky. she lived in danger and neglect. debbie realized early on education was key to success. today, she spreads that message in her position as president of *boys hope girls hope cincinnati.*it's an organization that takes educational guardianship of at-risk kids. 3 "without education you feel
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education you can't change your life. but with education, it can change everything." watch the full story on debbie bowman's life tonight at six o'clock on local 12. then, at ten and eleven see more on *boys hope girls hope.* john...back to you. 3 brad johansen hall. angenette levy is anchoring our social media coverage. if you'd like to attend in person.. you can r-s-v-p by emailing webmaster 3 the sounds of people partying and opening beers on the beach are now silenced in gulf shores alabama. the city enacted an emergency order banning alcohol on beaches through april 17 after more than 600 hundred arrests were made since early march.gulf shores officials believe they became the hot spot after word spread on social media that nearby panama city, florida, banned alcohol from its beaches last june. college students think police are being overly cautious. 3
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the arrest come down to public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol are our two biggest categories of arrests." (:33)christian gerring: (:48) "i know we're being drunk and we are on spring break but we're still adults we're in college we know what we're doing and they act like we are children." (:54)the new ban in gulf shores is raising concerns that students could now move the party a few miles down to orange beach, alabama - which is dealing with an 800 percent increase of its own in arrests this spring break. 3 smartphones are becoming more integrated into our everyday several banks will soon allow the smartphone to replace our atm just hold the phone over the atm. bank of america's atms are equipped with a nfc reader that senses an atm card stored in your smartphone.other banks including chase and wells fargo plan to introduce cardless atms this year. bankrate dot com reports that the plastic card will eventually go by the wayside. 3 michelle moore, boa(1:13)
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takes a little bit of time to get used to it. but once you're used to it, you really see how easy it is." (1:19) experts say the phone is safer than a plastic card because a thief would need to unlock a stolen phone and also know the victim's pin number. the phone could also solve the problem of skimming - where criminals rig an atm slot with a tiny reader that can steal card information. 3 an online cincinnati sports statistics company is expanding to other cities. three years ago, george thurner launched statzhub to provide statistics, game stories, photos and videos for any high school sport. he started with a handful of cincinnati high schools. 3 "we signed a partnership with the ohsaa to expand...all 826 high schools in ohio." statzhub received financing to expand from mlb through its digital unit, major league baseball advanced media. thurner says statzhub started because his daughter played lacrosse and was looking for
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3 she's known as the "dancing lady."we'll introduce you to a woman who is using her day job to show off her vibrant
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the
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3 march madness leads to a lot of this morning -- we want to know -- how do you feel about the tourney after this weekend?
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 storms sweep through the south. we'll show you why one piece of storm damage is trending on social media this morning. you're watching good morning
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3 cuba and the united states are embarking on a new chapter in relations.president obama makes a historic visit to havana.he's the first u- s president to visit cuba in more than eight decades.the president will begin today laying a wreath remembering cuban revolutionary jose marti. .. and then the president will sit down for a formal bilateral meeting with cuban president raul castro. yesterday.. the president talked to the u- s embassy trip. 3 :30-:49"it's been nearly 90 years since a u.s. president stepped foot in cuba. it is 3 wonderful to be here. back in 1928 president coolidge came on a battle ship. it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours."the president will be giving a speech to the cuban people today.the white house says the president will be talking about expanding human rights for the cuban people, talking about freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
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russia's interstate aviation committee has released photos of the black boxes belonging to the flydubai jet that crashed near a runway killing all 62 people on board. specialists say the flight recorders are "significantly damaged".the pilot tried to land amid strong winds and low visibility.terrorism has been ruled out as a cause of the crash. flydubai said 44 of the passengers who died were russians and four were 3 apple's spring press conference today is expected headliner is expected to be a smaller version of the i- phone, followed by a smaller version of the i- pad pro. meantime the company will fight with federal authorities in court tomorrow over unlocking a san bernardino shooter's's event at apple's cupertino campus starts at one this afternoon. 3 this story has been drawing a lot of attention on social media.a large tree fell during a weekend storm in corpus christi, texas... and the only thing it didn't knock over, was the virgin mary you can see.. the tree is on
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away from crushing the statue. it's still standing.. completely unharmed near the massive tree. 3 a crossing guard in fort mill, south carolina does more than just get her students safely across the street.(:19) "what do i love about it? i love people. i see them smiling as they go by. they wave. they give me good compliments." (:26) getting up and going to work for veronica swanick is pretty much the same as any other school traffic controller. but once the vest is on so is the show.parents, students and bus drivers in and out of the fort mill middle and elementary schools have dubbed her, the dancing lady.parents say veronica smile on their kid's faces. veronica says the job makes her feel wonderful. 3 3
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3 a lonely grandpa is breaking hearts online.coming up at six.. we'll tell you how his grandkids.. and the community.. are making it up to intergalactic space show.we'll tell you why you'll
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3 take a look at this spring
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. broken hearts, the terrible losses in xavier and uc during the last second of march madness. i was so sad when i -- be i always click my phone fist thing in the morning when i saw xavier falls in a buzzard, how. bob is off today. cold. you need a heavy coat out there, right, john. >> bob is in mourning from the uk loss, the xavier loss, and now the cold. as you are preparing to get out the door, make you are sure you got the cold.
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in a few days, wilmington, 29, and 29 maysville, the airp ort is happening at 30 degrees, there's nothing on radar, we have a few clouds inbound from the north. we will see some of those today. otherwise talking sunshine, 8:00 readings, and later today, 5 degrees warmer than yesterday, partly cloudy skies, coming up in weather, a detail when a warming trend starts to kick in around the tri-state, how warm it gets when the rain returns, we will have a look at the easter forecast, right nowlet check on the traffic with jen dalton. >> reporter: we have had an accident accident at taft and willow, and the road is closed and redding and help an accident reported as well. as we look the at interstate so far, picking up near the lock land split, no unusual delays,


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